100% customized training courses

By putting human contact at the forefront of every training project, the Akreator Formations team has set up a system that allows for a 100% customizable course:

After a preliminary audit by a training consultant, an assessment interview (in person or by telephone) is proposed to you in order to define your training objectives together, and choose the program, pace and methods that will best suit your schedule and budget, and enable you to achieve the defined goals.

By combining different teaching methods:

  • face-to-face teaching in individual classes
  • face-to-face teaching in mini-group classes (maximum 4 participants) 
  • face-to-face teaching in group classes (maximum 10 participants)
  • in-house and inter-company sessions
  • face-to-face or distance learning sessions
  • Synchronous Openand DistanceLearning(face-to-face teaching)
  • Asynchronous Openand DistanceLearning(tutored self-study)
  • preparation for language and office automation tests
  • mock tests

we offer you an optimal rhythm, based on your professional situation:

  • extensive courses 1 to 4 hours / week for company managers, executives, craftsmen, self-employed professionals, part-time or full-time employees with the aim of acquiring new skills while keeping up with the fast pace of work
  • semi-extensive courses 5 - 12 hours / week for part-time or full-time employees with the aim of certifying acquired knowledge, students, self-employed professionals, or senior citizens
  • intensive courses 15 to 35 hours / week for jobseekers, students at the end of their studies, people undergoing professional retraining, self-employed professionals, part-time or full-time employees on training leave or short courses

with no hidden extras or costs, and within the budget defined in an estimate drawn up in advance, accompanied by a detailed schedule and program.