Technical and teaching aids and resources available to trainees

To create the most favorable conditions for our training courses, we provide trainees with the following facilities:

  • course materials (paper or multimedia) 
  • access to our media library, regularly updated with relevant works, under the supervision of a teacher trainer
  • we test for you and regularly offer free trials of all external e-learning platforms before putting them into use
  • webinars, workshops, one-to-one courses and group courses are designed by our teaching team with respect to the trainees' individual profiles
  • our classroom is equipped with whiteboards, PCs, tablets, multifunction printer, WiFi connection
  • our trainers, who are professionals in their field, regularly keep abreast of new teaching techniques and resources, and advise learners on the most suitable methods for their profiles.
  • the learning and communication platforms we use are entirely online and therefore require no installation of third-party software. 
  • don't have a computer? don't panic! We've set up a system of equipment loans at very affordable rates! 

A description of the teaching methods and materials used is included in all our training programs.