Continuous Education

Tailor-made professional training.

Individual, Inter and Intra-company courses. 

Individualized courses :
face-to-face onsite, in company and/or distance learning, 
1:1 and/or in small groups,
tutored autonomous learning.

Quality certification has been awarded for the following categories of action:


performances de l'année 2023

in figures ...

Average success rate
Taux de satisfaction moyen
  • 24 formateurs de notre équipe ont dispensé 2 813 heures de formation
  • 282 apprenants ont suivi 7 133 heures de formation d’une durée de 7 heures à 177 heures (avec la durée moyenne de 26 heures)
  • 96 candidats ont été inscrits aux certifications; parmi les 71 candidats présents, 53 ont obtenu ou dépassé le score ou niveau visé (soit le taux de réussite moyen de 75%)
  • 81% des apprenants ont ont atteint leurs objectifs ; 11% ont obtenu une validation partielle

Akreator Formations has trained and accompanied :

The main training specialties:

Akreator Formations 2024

For 2024 Akreator Formations has developed professional training courses in the following fields:

100% customized training

Target your objectives, and work with our team of professional trainers to create 100% customized training courses. Train yourself with the tools of your changing world. Secure your professional future and the future of your company!

Free detailed needs audit and definition of objectives and prerequisites upstream!

Committed since 2013 to the quality approach to training services, Akreator Formations adheres to the code of ethics for the sale of services eligible for the Compte Personnel de Formation presented by the federation Les Acteurs de la Compétence (formerly FFP).