Teaching methods and training objectives

Based on our experience, feedback from our trainers and pedagogical studies, we combine different teaching methods to best meet the objectives set:

Individual courses

face-to-face or distance learning

Recommended for comprehension-based learning, ideal for specialized subjects, acquisition of specific skills or subjects requiring individual work with the trainer or subject to confidentiality rules. Offering additional flexibility, 100% one-to-one courses require rigor and organizational skills on the part of the learner, especially for extensive in-company courses or those held at the trainee's home (distance learning).

Formation Ouvert and A Distance

Synchronous and Asynchronous

Synchronous and asynchronous, accompanied by tutoring sessions by e-mail, telephone, individual or group lessons, Open Distance Learning modules aim to increase the assimilation of acquired knowledge; under tutor control, develop work skills without direct supervision, learn to organize your learning time; work on a learning project in a guided but autonomous way; practice on the knowledge acquired in face-to-face training sessions. This teaching method is recommended for the independent learning parts of the course: assimilation of rules, training exercises, study of documents and explanatory videos, reflection, research.

Group courses
or mini-group

face-to-face or distance learning

Recommended for practice-based learning (e.g. language training) or repetitive technical skills (e.g. office automation training). The group course is suitable for learners who prefer a supervised learning model and for elements of the training project involving the participation of several learners, such as: thematic workshops, role-playing, teamwork etc. 

Test preparation

Asynchronous ODL

Recommended for learning based on repetitive practice, e-learning tools are used in our courses to train for certifications: TOEIC, Bright Language, TEF, ENI etc.

E-learning tools are booming, and we're testing them for you and offering them free of charge for a 6-month test period before they go on sale, provided you're satisfied with them.

Naturally, you will be accompanied by a tutor throughout your preparation.

All training courses involving an e-learning platform begin with a presentation of the video conferencing platform, giving you personalized advice on how to achieve your objectives.