Training courses

Customized training courses - 100% tailor-made

By putting human contact at the forefront of every training project, the Akreator Formations team has set up a system that allows for a 100% customizable course.

Teaching methods and training objectives

Based on our experience, feedback from our trainers and pedagogical studies, we combine different teaching methods to best meet the objectives set.

Technical and teaching approach and resources

To create the most favorable conditions for our training courses, we regularly update our wide range of technical and teaching resources and aids available to trainees.

Continuous assessment process

Depending on the training methods and themes, formative or summative assessment tools enable us to ensure that training is progressing smoothly, to adjust courses if necessary, and to adapt courses and teaching methods if learning difficulties arise during training.

Assessment procedures

To ensure that our training courses have maximum impact, we have set up an evaluation system. Our panel of evaluation tools is regularly updated and includes commented feedback of results to the parties concerned.

Attendance control procedures

Our low group size and top-quality instructors enable us to monitor student attendance using administrative and pedagogical tools. The internal regulations are updated annually - they specify the conditions for postponing and cancelling sessions.