Louise Denyer

Louise DENYER is a native British actress, born and raised in England, educated and trained in England and France as a solicitor (lawyer), but retrained as a professional film and theatre actress at the acting schools of ECOLE DE JEU and METHOD ACTING CENTER, Paris.

She has been based in Paris since 2006 and also now in Madrid, and has over 15 years of professional acting, theatre and film teaching and coaching experience, and has performed in numerous theatre, film, television, commercials, Voice-Over and dubbing productions in Paris, London, Moscow and Madrid.

She acts in English, French and Spanish. She coaches and teaching acting to both children and adults in many international schools, universities and film and acting schools in both Paris and Madrid, including refugees at the former Refugee camp in Paris with the Good Chance Theatre Company, La Bulle and young mentally disabled adults.

She fully comprehends how non-native English-speaking actors feel on set and uses not only her professional training background and known acting techniques, but also shares and imparts to her students’ insights and concepts that she has learnt while on set and understands the difference between both film and television acting. She firmly believes that not only can she help improve and enhance student’s film acting skills but also increase their confidence, communication and emotional while film acting in English on set.