Brigitte Anderssen

Brigitte Anderssen is Paris-based bilingual performing artist, qualified clinical social worker/therapist and teacher from sunny Queensland, Australia. Brigitte has lived in Paris since 2013. She first started teaching English and theatre before taking on full-time work as a case worker and counselor for abuse survivors in a northern Paris suburb. Brigitte has now returned to the performing arts with renewed energy and focus on acting in film and theatre. Her latest projects have been “women in Shakespeare”, “Lethal Chris” (independent super hero film) and creating a series of psychological-Social education videos on non-violent communication.

In addition to being a conservatory-trained actor with a university degree in theatre and a singer-songwriter, Brigitte has now had a clinical social work career spanning twenty years across three countries Australia, the United Kingdom and France in the psycho-social sphere. Brigitte’s knowledge of human lifespan development derived from this work, heavily influences her approach to teaching. Alongside her work in the performing arts, she is competing a masters of Advanced Social Work with the Melbourne University. Having observed many extraordinary examples of human resilience throughout her work in human services, Brigitte believes in the term coined by academic Carol Dweck as the"growth mindset" which encourages a flexible attitude towards learning encouraging the value of persistence and recognising that taking positive risks and making mistakes are part of learning and essential for growth. Brigitte firmly believes in an emotionally intelligent approach to teaching where the teacher values each student as a whole person. Brigitte aims to leave students feeling seen, heard and respected by their teacher and appreciated for their individual strengths, qualities, knowledge and experience. She also encourages kind and thoughtful communication between students in her classroom. This year with renewed focus to her acting and music craft, Brigitte also combines her knowledge and skills in both the performing arts and psychological-social spheres in coaching and teaching.

Brigitte’s original music is available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on SoundCloud under the name “Bridie Nancy” her stage name. Samples of her acting work and showreels can be found on YouTube under her stage name.