Continuous assessment process

Depending on the training methods and themes, formative or summative assessment tools are used to ensure that the training is progressing smoothly:

  • record the success rate on a large sample of exercises, enabling continuous monitoring of the learner and providing assistance (remediation) by making the necessary corrections
  • comprehension tests (in the form of MCQs) or certification tests to check knowledge and ensure that objectives have been met
  • production work enabling learners to apply what they have learned
  • for training courses lasting more than two months, monthly pedagogical reports, completed by the trainer(s) and tutor(s) and validated by the referent, followed by the evaluation interview between the learner and the training consultant. Every month, the learner receives by e-mail the pedagogical report and the minutes of the interview with the training consultant.

By combining these elements of continuous assessment, we naturally increase the success rate of our learners and achieve better assimilation of what they have learned.