Assessment procedures

To ensure that our training sessions run smoothly and have maximum impact, we have set up an evaluation system consisting of:

  • upstream assessment (depending on the training field: level tests, needs analysis, interviews, validation of prerequisites)
  • interim or mid-term evaluations (depending on the training area: progress tests, interviews, role-playing exercises)
  • assessment at the end of the course (depending on the course area: placement tests or other types of knowledge testing such as practical work, case studies, MCQs, etc.).

Depending on the training area and learner profile, we use the following range of assessment tools:

  • online level tests (standardized or adaptive, duration 30 min - 1h 30 min )
  • face-to-face level-testing sessions (individual or group sessions, duration 30 min - 2h 30 min)
  • one-to-one interviews with our training supervisors by telephone, in person or by e-mail (depending on the nature of the training)
  • individual and/or group interviews with the project manager

The results of the assessments are communicated to the learner by the person in charge of the learner's pedagogical project (referent trainer or tutor), commented on, and depending on the stage of the assessment the following actions are taken:

  • Level test or placement interview -> determination of "starting" level, choice of training program, methods, pace -> quotation with detailed program and provisional timetable 
  • Progress test or interview - based on results, adjust program, pace, training methods if necessary 
  • End-of-course test or interview: issue of end-of-course certificate, depending on course and results: validation of course, registration for certification, additional training.