Attendance control procedures

Small group sizes and the high quality of our trainers mean that we can monitor student attendance through :

Administrative instruments

Attendance sheets kept for each half-day of training, activity and connection records for distance learning courses, as well as the administration panel for learning platforms, enable us to keep track of learners' attendance and progress on a weekly basis for intensive courses, and on a monthly basis for extensive courses. This control enables us to adjust schedules and/or training methods if, for whatever reason, learners are unable to follow the course at the pace defined in advance. 

Teaching aids

Our trainers are required to provide us with weekly reports for intensive courses and monthly reports for extensive courses, and to inform us immediately if any learning or assimilation difficulties are encountered by learners.

Rules of procedure

The internal regulations are updated annually. They specify the conditions for postponing and cancelling sessions, operating and disciplinary rules, and penalties.